Florida Bar Admissions

Applying to law school or for admission to the Florida Bar is one of the most important undertakings of your life. You should think carefully before proceeding with the application process.

In order to become a member of the Florida Bar, the Florida Board of Bar Examiners requires that all applicants produce satisfactory evidence of present good moral character, an adequate knowledge of the standards and ideals of the profession, and proof that the applicant is otherwise fit to take the oath and perform the obligations and responsibilities of an attorney.

The Board will carefully review your bar application and conduct a thorough background investigation. Consult Ms. Marsh about helping you with the task of properly completing your application.

In the event the Board has questions about your background, whether due to financial mismanagement, drug or alcohol abuse, mental illness, or a history of criminal or disciplinary proceedings, you should contact an attorney to represent you before the Board of Bar Examiners. Ms. Marsh has almost a decade of experience assisting Applicants with Florida Bar applications and providing representation at Investigative Hearings and Formal Hearings before the Florida Board of Bar Examiners.