Professional Grievance

Ms. Marsh provides representation to licensed professionals before administrative boards and agencies. She provides counsel to professionals facing ethics complaints or potential professional discipline. As a professional, Ms. Marsh appreciates the personal investment required to obtain and maintain a professional license. With this understanding, it is her goal to assist professionals with the resolution of client complaints and disciplinary matters in a manner that serves to protect their professional license, while maintaining the high standards of professional responsibility.

  • Florida Bar Grievance

    When a complaint is filed with the Florida Bar, it is reviewed by attorneys in the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program based in the Tallahassee, FL. Obtaining counsel at this initial step is important because the response submitted to the Florida Bar at this early stage may determine whether the complaint is dismissed or resolved with minimal sanction.

  • Florida DOH Disciplinary Proceedings

    The Florida Department of Health regulates the professional licenses issued to various medical professionals working and doing business in Florida. These professionals are subject to discipline via an administrative process designed to serve the public interest, public safety, and quality assurance of medical care. It is imperative that medical professionals lean on a legal professional such as Ms. Marsh to handle the administrative proceeding, especially at the initial stages. Regardless of whether a complaint is filed with the Board of Medicine, the Board of Pharmacy, or the Board of Nursing, Ms. Marsh is able to help you navigate the process in a dignified manner.